A Sacred Walk: Dispelling the Fear of Death & Caring for the Dying by Donna M. Authers

Part I - The Fear of Death: How Do We Face It?

In the Beginning Page 3
Forced to face the facts of death
No Stranger to Death Page 8
Untimely deaths form the foundation of fear
Grandma's Final Gift Page 12
How faith, a promise, and a song broke the fear of death
Living Libraries Page 21
Drawing on the life experience of others
The Great Scapegoat Page 28
Taking responsibility for our choices
A Divine Relationship Page 33
The journey from self sufficiency to dependence on God
A Mountaintop Experience Page 45
Returning to a respected source of wisdom
The Prayer of Abandonment Page 49
A spiritual tool to help achieve peace in the midst of a crisis

Part II - Preparing to Die: How Best to Help

The Practical Side of Death Page 59
The benefits of getting your affairs in order
The Compatibility of Faith and Grief Page 70
God understands the need for us to grieve
The Luxury of Receiving Care Page 77
Traditional and alternative sources of support
God with Skin On Page 85
Responding to the nudge of the Holy Spirit to help those in need
Facing Down Death Page 92
Confronting the inevitable
Hospice Is For the Living Page 97
The seven fears of dying and the many roles of hospice
Walking Them Part Way Home Page 106
Providing practical, emotional and spiritual care
Lingering Voices from Heaven Page 123
Pertinent insights from the dying
What Does Dying Feel Like? Page 131
Vivid vignettes reveal the experience of drawing close to death

Part III - Experiencing Death: A Sacred Time

The Last Days - From Trial to Triumph Page 141
How the lessons learned came together for one family
The Dream Page 211
Being instantly thrust into the presence of God


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